Ostapchenya Catherine

Ostapchenya Catherine

Lead Business Development Specialist, Rovensys www.rovensys.com

Хочу приобрести деловые контакты

Currently employed at Rovensys

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    I am a specialist in working with clients. We develop custom automation systems to meet individual needs of each client, taking into account the specifics of appropriate industry. Built on .Net Framework native-grown ROVENSYS RAD platform significantly accelerates the development process, ensures independence from specific database usage, and also makes possible third-party software integration. Our software development offer includes full stack services that help business formulate ideas and needs and receive working software solution. The end result is delivered within regularly scheduled releases and minimized risks. With a ten-year implementation experience, engineering expertise and fruitful teamwork ROVENSYS produces innovative solutions that help your workforce eliminate productivity gaps, link day-to-day actions to business outcomes and gain competitive advantage. ROVENSYS develops any kinds of websites, starting from online business cards to major internet portals. Our proprietary technologies and web hosting platforms allow us to provide high-grade and affordable service. e-mail : KatsiarynaAstapchenia@rovensys.com Eostapchenya@mail.ru site : http://rovensys.com


Lead Business Development Specialist

At Rovensys

From ноябрь 2017 to Present
ROVENSYS provides IT services of wide range: from business analysis to system integration, QA, application maintenance and support. We create software products using leading-edge technologies and help companies to become high-performance businesses.

Business Development Specialist

At Andersen

From 2017 to ноябрь 2017
Nous sommes un fournisseur de logiciels personnalisé travaillant sur une base horaire et projet.

Sales Manager

At Skywind Group

From 2015 to 2017
Skywind Tech BY is a successful international company specializing in the development of mobile and social games. Founded in 2012, Skywind Tech BY is now part of a large multinational group of companies with offices around the world, employing thousands of IT, design and marketing...
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Business Development Specialist

At Sciencesoft

From 2014 to 2015
ScienceSoft is 27 years of experience, cooperation with Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, processes that comply with international standards ISO 9001, a number of professional awards and a team of high-level specialists. We can confidently say that we approach our work professionally.ScienceSoft are...
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Sales Manager

At Iba Tax Group

From 2012 to 2014
IBA Group (1993) is one of the largest system integrators, developers, manufacturers and suppliers of modern information technology (IT) in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Today it is an international holding, more than 20 enterprises of which operate in 11 countries. Search and...
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General manager-consultant

At LLL "Kenzo"

From 2011 to 2012
Sales training, the price is the best seller of the year.

BSEU, Minsk


From 2006 to 2011
Sorbonne Paris - (2006-2009) Bordeaux, Sciences Po - (2016)


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