Leonid Kotlyar

Leonid Kotlyar

Investor/ OTC cryptocurrency trading/ Investing in start-up and new technologies

Investors & Buyers (Global Digital Economy)


    - OTC cryptocurrency trading - We buy and sell large amounts of cryptocurrency assets for institutional investors, venture capitalists and large angel investors - We sell rare natural diamonds for private traders, entrepreneurs, jewelry stores, investors, diamond dealers, etc - We provide all types of commercial real estate loans. (Currently our programs are for US territories) Financing – including the acquisition, development, and construction of these properties - We sell high-end luxury watches and luxury real estate - Investing in start-up and new technologies - Blockchain technologies - Distributed ledger and smart contracts - New technologies for traditional finances - E-wallets and cryptocurrency payments - Crowdfunding technologies - Authentication technologies - Mobile Point of Sale and online acquiring - Application Programming Interfaces (API) for banks - Virtual Banking - Big data and online scoring - Peer-to-peer - lending platforms - Algorithmic trading - Technologies for exchange markets - Contactless technologies for e-wallets - Internet of Things and offline-to-online - Personal financial management services - Chat bots for banks and robo-advisors - Regulatory technology


  • Angel Investing
  • Business Analysis
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Finance
  • Emerging Markets
  • Finance
  • Financial Planning
  • International M&A
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